In fact, it is difficult to organize marriage with baptism. But not impossible! There are remarkable choices that could highlight the fact, there are options that you can take advantage of, stand out and leave a special feel to what is going to happen!

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When there is already a child, coping with photography is different. If I was thinking what I would like to do as a result, I would definitely not choose a next-day photograph as it is customary for marriage. But it would certainly be a great interest to have spontaneous images and memories of “how we are with the child” … So the photo was taken before marriage, more family this time …

Photographing before the wedding

γάμος και βάφτιση μαζί
γάμος και βάφτιση μαζί
family photos
οικογενειακή φωτογράφιση πριν τον γάμο

pre-wedding preparation at home

The ceremony outside

The ceremony of marriage and christening took place in the very beautiful exterior of the sea soul just across from the sea. Decorated with natural materials reminiscent of a beach island. The baptism that I have encountered most special, interesting and beautiful ended up in the sea with the guests watching from the beach …

sea soul, εκκλησία ραφήνα

the party in the “ninemia”

just a few meters below the ceremony area was waiting for us the room of the lull ready to welcome the party …

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