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Exiting wedding videos in Greece! Our treatment for cinematography – wedding filming, goes beyond the formal record of this day. We approach the standards of the documentary, trying to tell, according to our aesthetics, what happened at your wedding. The coverage is done by observing the foreground and background of what’s happening, with the active and discreet involvement of the viewers throughout the shootings. An extremely difficult way to filming, however with impressive and interesting results for your wedding videos.

let’s weave your story

let’s weave your story

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a romantic video teaser from the wedding at Grand Meteora

12 October 2019|Categories: wedding cinematography|Tags: , , |

A romantic trailer from the wedding video made at the Grand Meteora Hotel. Snapshots of the preparation and the party are beautifully combined in a concise video clip with highlights.

movie trailer from the wedding video in Antiparos

30 September 2019|Categories: wedding cinematography|Tags: , , , |

The trailer of the video, the result of the filming of the wedding in Antiparos. The wedding that took place right on the beach, in the chapel of St. George. On the island dominated by minimal aesthetics and everything is beautiful in itself without any intervention.

celebrating love, the amazing wedding trailer from Kythira

6 February 2019|Categories: wedding cinematography|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

The getaway boat trip to Chitra, the diving and the carelessness with friends, the pre-wedding on the beach of "halkos", made an excellent atmosphere. A wonderful wedding trailer that will put you in the right place in your festive atmosphere!

the memories of the wedding in Skiathos in an amazing video

15 January 2019|Categories: wedding cinematography|Tags: , , , , , , , |

the wedding was an opportunity for escape for both the couple and the friends who participated. The first official meeting of all was at the beach bar the salty bone one day earlier. Besides, what's more beautiful to start a wedding party from a beach!

a wonderful video for a unique wedding in Kythira

6 August 2018|Categories: wedding cinematography|Tags: , , , , , |

A unique wedding is also worth a wonderful video. In Kythira for the filming of a wonderful wedding with elements from the beach party and the cruise in Chitra

“blue” the teaser trailer from an unique wedding, lefkada

16 December 2017|Categories: wedding cinematography|Tags: , , , , , |

an unique wedding teaser trailer in lefkada! with the video following the same spontaneous wedding style. Yes, they were fantastic ... and I think everyone was leaving with the best memories

Kyhtera, a wedding cinematography trailer

29 October 2017|Categories: wedding cinematography|Tags: , , , , , |

We are Kythira along with Kostis and Inos for filming their wedding. A marriage with a lot of details, the carelessness of the island, the ... unscrupulous friends, the traditional taste and the really unlikely party in the old aqueduct in Kapsali.

“the journey”, an alternative wedding film of a peculiar marriage’ Greece

16 June 2016|Categories: wedding cinematography|Tags: , , , |

everyone who participated in this marriage will remember it. Without obligations, with many elements with positive energy.

“be a dream” an emotional & touching wedding video in Kythira island

27 November 2015|Categories: wedding cinematography|Tags: , , , , |

Kythira, a marriage that Nick and Catherine wanted to be a dream. And probably what happened. Traditional Cretan with top feelings that cause emotion and joy. With patched with lyre with beloved friends, raki and only love ...

Lefkada island, the wedding, the beach party. movie trailer

14 October 2015|Categories: wedding cinematography|Tags: , , , |

Destination Island of Lefkada for the filming of the wedding of Basil and Effie. Highlights from the beach party and marriage in the wedding film trailer.

Sophia, Yiannis, a pre-wedding movie

6 January 2012|Categories: save the date|

Understand people from the physiognomy but from the way you talk or even of how to send a mail. With John and Sophia talked months earlier and when we came in cooperation existed a relationship of mutual trust without ever have met ... I knew in advance that the increased requirements would be an enjoyable challenge for us.


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