I have a different view for filming the wedding of one presented as fashion with clear influences from the other side of the Atlantic. The dispute with Greece is that here we have a soul, have real friends, have fun, have humor and emotions. Instead of “epic” video I am definitely in favor of trying to come out as a result of a video feature that can show what happened in a marriage now approaching the standards of a documentary.

wedding in Katerini, the movie clip

One of the most difficult to produce a video of the wedding of Yiannis and Ioanna’s marriage in Katerini . Difficult because the choice of shots was among endless ” good” shots from multiple cameras with countless quotes friends and relatives , endless hours of fun and revelry admit that sometimes drifted in editing instead of risking wedding video clip to come out whole chapter …

Our goal , however, show a summary although I’m not sure how many will turn to the blood urgently want to see the sequel which is in the same philosophy of this clip below.

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