remarkable christening albums

christening albums. Fine compositions, remarkable photos. No intricate background, no trick that detracts from the look. With a clear aim to enforce each photograph. It is the book that will tell the story to your child according to your photographer’s perception. Our philosophy is straightforward: I wish, over the years, to be able to take you to the climate of the time whenever you browse it. Perhaps the most elegant way to present a baptism! Maybe even the most classic! We will never lose value in a careful album of our childhood!
Digital printing or classic  christening albums?. What is the best choice  among all that’s in circulation ?. By faith, I say that the best album for your baptism is what has the best and most represented pictures for you !. It’s what the photographer can tell you a story, your own story …
Our goal is to tell the child from the moment he starts to understand what happened at the time of his baptism through our photographs.


the photo album of baptism in Zagorohoria

the photo album of baptism in Zagorohoria and specifically in Kerasovo. Pictures filled with elements of nature and the imposing scenery of the river Voydamat. A shooting that started with a family walk in the forest and ended in a traditional…
christening album with family moments | ψηφιακό album βάπτισης στα Τρίκαλαgiorgos gotsis

Melina, christening album with family moments

The untamed litle kid, in a minimal but rich photo album from the christening of Trikala.

ALBUM front

Melina’s christening album

Η ατίθαση μικρή, σε ένα λιτό αλλά πλούσιο φωτογραφικό άλμπουμ από τη βάπτιση της που έγινε στα Τρίκαλα.

Olga, the christening photobook

modern and stylish, Olga's christening photobook in Larissa


Myrsini, christening album

family moments are those that emphasize the album Baptism of Mirsinis.