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wedding photos in Greece

wedding photos in Greece. The magical place with the unique beauties and the special people. From imposing Macedonia to untamed Crete and from the deep blue of the Ionian Sea to the cosmopolitan and minimal Aegean islands. Every marriage is an experience collection. We like to meet new people, to experience new customs by discreetly photographing each marriage. Natural and spontaneous images that make up every marriage story and give a unique result …

marriage on a Greek island

Mykonos, Santorini, Kythira, Lefkada, Skiathos and so many more beautiful islands. The magical sunset, the deep blue of the sea, the romantic atmosphere and the endless parties make these destinations the perfect choice for your wedding. We have truly traveled to wonderful places, a wedding by the sea is in itself a special event. And somehow that will be the pictures of your wedding, an unforgettable experience …

For all of you looking for your wedding photographer, you will definitely find it interesting! Wedding photos of real weddings from preparation to the next day. The way we handle each marriage separately from destination wedding in Greece!

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your wedding video must be unique!

How can your wedding video be, how do you imagine it? What happened to your wedding and how can it be attributed to a video? We always participate discreetly by observing what is happening, looking for these little details that will emphasize your work, chasing the moment. We record as observers and at the same time watch the background, the reactions and the participants. We take care of the frames of the shots with the same photographic eye and in the end we try to deliver a unique video about your wedding.

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See briefly wedding highlights on unlikely destinations and islands !. Think how much you can do on your wedding or a wedding before marriage. Travel with us in enchanting destinations and start imagining your own photographic result!

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for your own wedding

No one is more involved in a wedding than the photographer! Believe us, we have seen a lot … and from all this many we have chosen to present some of which will give you ideas, suggestions and thoughts that will also help in your wedding!

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