wedding on the beach, of course! We are in Greece.

And if something is really wonderful is the beaches. How would you hear a wedding on the beach! Correctly! it’s great!

Each of the islands has its own character, which will put its touch on each of your wedding photos. Islands that can support any type of marriage you have dreamed of. From epic parties, romantic destinations even lonely escapes. There are so many, they are so different and the options really endless! The photography is influenced by the style you would like to give to your wedding and the character of the island.
Any marriage on the beach changes the psychology of your guests. They enter themselves in the atmosphere and the breeze of the island, they are already prepared to live something special. From all the atmosphere and mood, the pictures of your wedding are also clearly influenced. See below pictures of weddings that have taken place in one of our islands and start imagining your own wedding!