the brave dad, the tireless mom and three restless kids!

in an adventurous family photo shooting!

We are in Katerini, and our location is a deserted camp for our family photography. The brave dad, the tireless mom and three uninterrupted children. Photographing only at the sound of “scares”, however, everything went smoothly with our little friends enjoying an afternoon picnic in the trees.

With Paraskevas and Christina, we have met againBut I must admit that Christina’s interest in every family photo is enormous! We find them both in the theme and the concept! This time, we had a retro mood …

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φωτογράφηση επόμενης μέρας στο πήλιοbeautiful day after wedding photos from Pelion
φωτογράφηση πριν το γάμο| engagement photosengagement photos from Palaiochora

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