Maybe sometimes clientelism and the assumption of coverage of a single wedding overcome and maybe the photographer to become what familiar face from a single photographer. The occasion of this deferred post was a school for another marriage of Mary.
The truth is that at that moment, just before seeing the comment on FB wondering how to pass Mary Menelaus and longer Maximus in Luxembourg. timing … The post therefore remained “hidden” after the marriage of children our site has changed several times.

A flashback then further back and I remember a couple of days before the wedding when we first met and we saw a couple in love . This picture I have left of you and so I would remember you , love. The marriage was with a few friends and apparently good in Paros with the ceremony outdoors St. Phocas . The sky and the sea they put their stamp on every shot . The few friends but they did for many and I have said many times that they are crazy Cypriots . We had a wonderful time.

I do not know if I should write more but you think with nostalgia …


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