Comeno of Corfu in the chapel of Ypapanti

The chapel of Ypapanti on a narrow strip of land in the sea at Kommeno was the venue that hosted the ceremony. The ceremony that took place in the outer space with the sunlight gives us its unbelievable complexion.

Υπαπαντη, κομμένο Κέρκυρας drone

The venue at Mon Repo

Mon repo, a wonderful place, in the nature and beautiful decoration, was the venue that hosted the reception. The couple chose to surprise us by entering the beach.

day after in the old town

as for the next day’s photography a walk in the alleys of the old town was enough. No wedding dresses, no costumes. A walk that reminds you of the marriage in Corfu!

κέρκυρα φωτογράφιση ζευγαριου

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