Well, the decision you’ve taken… So you have arrived at your wedding planning and you will probably see that many now have a say in it. So a logical question you will have is the… What should I do at my wedding?”

So, having indeed found many, many marriages, I have seen how happy faces are. As a photographer I can tell you with confidence that every emotion of that day will be left in every picture of you. So you have in mind that

There’s no protocol at the wedding. There is no specific “way” to enter the center. There’s no protocol on how to give the bouquet to your sweetheart. There’s no protocol to any dance. Marriage is not standard procedure, it’s a strictly personal moment for two.

What should I do at my wedding

What is it you really want for your wedding

So replace the word “must” with “I Want” in the above question. Ask yourself and your partner again. This time instead of what I have to do at my wedding, the question is “What do I want to do at my wedding?” Now you will start to make sense and if you follow the “I Want” you probably your wedding will be a unique experience.

How can I handle all these people?

The fact is, a lot of people will want to get involved in marriage. Everyone has an opinion on how to do it, everyone will ask for something more or less! Unfortunately, many times we forget who the marriage is and it ends up being a mandatory procedure!

I know, you’re going to tell me how to make sense of all these people around, and the talk is about the tightest environment. Who think it’s their wedding…  All right, look a little diplomats, give them the idea that they’re involved. I’m sure you can manage it intelligently and ultimately do it without living in a state of war until your wedding!

Look at diplomats!

  • Do not be afraid to stop all kinds of surgeries that seem disturbing to you. It’s probably the most honest and the right thing to do. What is certain is that you should be with your partner in this endeavor.. (Of course the way and persistence vary by case)
  • Weigh them must and indulge in your own way in what does not burden you too much. It’s a good trick for them to feel like they’ve been through theirs.
  • Escape! It is among the best solutions that will save you many obligations. “My dear, my good man has a vow to marry in the Panagia Chozoviotissa in Amorgos..”

.. But apart from any joke, in case your marriage is about, (and rather to have reached your reading as here applies) give your own personality to the wedding. Make it your own, do what you like and as you come out at that moment. and rest assured that when you have fun at your wedding, you will probably have a beautiful photographic effect. Besides, the photos will remind you of pleasant situations. Otherwise, if the images bring you to mind situations undesirable or unresponsive, no matter how good they are technically… You will not like them or they will also leave you indifferent!

Photographing I enter with you in the climate of marriage and I have seen many happy brides, but this article I wrote about as many brides I saw sad…