The bridal makeup, a necessary process in every marriage, what you should keep in mind and what you should watch out for!

I am a photographer, I am not a makeup specialist, but I firmly believe that the right makeup is necessary to make a proper photo shoot. The following guide has nothing to do with how you will use how much you will end up with a matching result.

choosing makeup artist for your wedding

If you have a makeup artist who works for any reason for a long time, perhaps the choice is easier. But listening to or learning something about someone and choosing based on this is rather fearful. Every professional in the field has a personal style that some people may like, some not. It would be more useful if, for example, you were asking about the experience if it was consistent, and not so much about the result. So be sure to find out about the following:

The makeup artist’s personal style

It has especially been in smaller societies with fewer choices, brides being copies of each other. There may be some changes in the colors but there as well. Consider the style and capabilities of the person you are going to work on that day, ask to see samples of work. If your samples look totally similar, you will probably have a similar picture to that you have seen so far.

Experience – Professionalism

For me personally, someone who can make 5 brides at the weekend is not an experience, it’s routine. It is an experience to have worked with different photographers to implement a project, possibly on television, cinema or theater.In my years of dealing with wedding photography, the makeup artist called me a single time to ask my opinion on whether what he has in mind matches my concept. Know what lights I use, and if I have more color or AM pictures, knowing that her own work directly affects my own effect. Although I avoid recommendations, I always recommend this one unreservedly!


Make sure that the makeup artist you will work on will be consistent with what you asked for as a result but much more on your wedding schedule. Always keep in mind that a delay due to your marriage will accompany him lately, no matter what this implies, and that he may have an impact on his planning.Also keep in mind that 99% of your makeup needs corrections during the day (or night), it is good to predict such a case. Βεβαιωθείτε πως η makeup artist που θα συνεργαστείτε θα είναι συνεπής και σε αυτά που ζητήσατε σαν αποτέλεσμα αλλά πολύ περισσότερο στο χρονοδιάγραμμα του γάμου σας. Έχετε κατά νου πάντα πως μια καθυστέρηση λόγου χάρη στην έναρξη του γάμου σας θα τον συνοδεύσει μέχρι αργά με ότι κι αν αυτό συνεπάγεται και ότι επίπτωση μπορεί να έχει στον προγραμματισμό του.Έχετε επίσης στο νου πως κατά 99% το μακιγιάζ σας να χρειαστεί διορθώσεις κατά τη διάρκεια της ημέρας (ή της νύχτας), καλό θα είναι να προβλέψετε μια τέτοια περίπτωση.


Chemistry plays the most important role everywhere. Trust not the one who immediately reassures you but the one you will feel he understands and understands what you are telling him.

προετοιμασία νύφης αμ

But before you get to the professional choice, you have to keep in mind just what you want to know if he can do it, so …

determine the result

  • Your own style : Make your own personal style. Think about your wedding options, accessories, wedding dress, before you start thinking about makeup. Once this is done, you can discuss it!
  • Hear an expert! Listen carefully to the makeup artist’s advice. If he is a good professional, he will also propose you the right solutions! Do not hesitate to try what he suggests, something he has seen in you! Many times you will have seen a picture of a model and would like “this”. So listen to the expert’s opinion, maybe they need modifications, the colors may not fit or the shape of the person is different. With a paraphernal makeup you will not be you!
  • try it : Luckily, makeup is something you can try. Personally, I find it necessary to do it! Through this process you will also test your chemistry. If you feel comfortable, if you feel yourself you may have already found it. Maybe in one of the test cases it would be right to meet your photographer for an opinion.
  •  Less is more! the 80s and 90s have passed. The trend of the season is natural makeup and from what I have understood and the hardest since it needs great experience and art! To shine on that day is not synonymous with intense and exaggerated. Take a look at the trends suggested by the bigger companies and you will understand. Indicatively, take a look at the options and suggestions makeup of balmain, prada or burberry and you will find that their audience is a clean, beautifully accented person.
  • i dont’ like make up! If you look at the immediately preceding sentence you will see how there can be a natural and well-balanced effect that really has a big difference from “do not makeup”.

Good luck !!!