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Weddings on Greek Islands

Weddings on Greek Islands! The evidence that will work in favor of marriage is a lot. The idyllic landscapes, the picturesque settlements, the beaches you can take advantage of. The choices are many, more than the Greek islands. Similarly, the wedding photography will be special and special following the signature of the site. But what makes a wedding on an island stand out is the psychology of yours and the guests who will make everything flow more relaxed and spontaneously…
Check our weddings in Mykonos, Sandorini, Kythnos, Ios and so many others beautiful Greek islands


3011, 2014

Leykada island, Ionian Blue. the wedding photoshooting

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Lefkada our destination for photographing the wedding of a couple with a unique style, as I imagine it seems, Vassilis and Effie.

2201, 2014

wedding photography in Mykonos island

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Mykonos obviously needs no introduction, probably from the most famous islands in the world. So... in Mykonos for photographing the mariagge of Anthony and Mary and the christening of little Elias. The ideal time, the island had at our disposal, entering from the day we arrived on the wedding mood, with a drink the night before. The next day at the children's home there was the usual wedding panic, Elias one of the most easy-going and smiling kids I've ever met had not woken up yet but their friends did not intend to stay quiet for long ...

612, 2011

wedding photoshooting in Paros Island, St.Fokas

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Maybe sometimes clientelism and the assumption of coverage of a single wedding overcome and maybe the photographer to become what familiar face from a single photographer. The occasion of this deferred post was a school for another marriage of Mary.
2809, 2011

destination Leykada, Nydri. wedding photoshooting

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Are some people to win over the most simple way. A smile. So we met Vaso, Dimitri and their young. With a smile ... Our destination this time Lefkada, which is not unjustly declared the island of poets. Inspiring ... Dimitris and Vaso choose Lefkada for their wedding, a wedding away from the place of residence is anyway difficult to organize the more so when "help" and a baby a few months. Making right choices but there exists a remarkable effect on the whole.


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