A winter wedding in Greece? Why not!. It will certainly offer you more and more relaxing choices, as for the wedding photography, it will certainly have its own characteristic and alternative style!!!


πολιτικός γάμος

altenative wedding in old mill, Greece

Winter hand, but I am pleased to photograph a "warm episode", the marriage of Stephen and Fanny managed to spend their nature, spontaneity and their own style in their own unique celebration of marriage.

a wedding in Larnaca, Cyprus

Our destination is Cyprus, in the heart of winter for photographing the wedding of Stelios and Pella. Starting with the preparation of the bride and groom to their homes with traditional customs, nearby, but not ordinary.

χειμωνιάτικος γάμος στα Τρίκαλα

winter snow wedding mainland greece, Sotiris and Katerina

Marriages in winter has its particularity, the landscape becomes more austere. Photographing we made outdoors with enough cold. Going the way for Pertouli encountered snow. Admittedly Catherine seemed the most durable of all of us and the most courageous. When everyone had begun to tremble from the cold Caterina continued unabated, Sotiris missing some shots, trying to regain its normal color.