A wedding in a mountainous area is by itself an alternative. There are countless mountainous villages with picturesque settlements and hospitable people who can accommodate your wedding while nature will be pleasantly complementing the scenery. The choices of photography are now countless. Ideas even more. Just think of what choices can have destinations such as Pertouli in Pindos, Pelion, Agrafa, Arachova on Parnassos, the incredible Zagorochoria, the picturesque Metsovo…


βίντεο βάπτισης ζαγοροχώρια | baptism in Zagorohoria

A traditional baptism in Zagorohoria, in Kerasovo Konistas, from those made in the square of the village! A video – trekking with traditional music and little surprises! Read more

εναλλακτικός γάμος στα Τρίκαλα

The marriage done with as much madness can carry a couple and with as much positive mood can have friends; We are located at Trikala and specifically in mountain village, where nature fills every space in the frame.

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Apostolis & Eleni, return to Greece for their wedding. Μany friends, many relatives followed. Τheir marriage was in Mantania Tower, in one of the most beautiful mountain areas of Greece. I was their wedding photographer and I confess that I spent with them just great. Read more