Destinations weddings in Greece!

What’s more beautiful to decide to organize your wedding in a place you liked, you were impressed, that left you fond memories and made you fall in love! Hang out with the people who love you and follow you. Away from unnecessary obligations, to live your marriage as you really dreamed him!  We have the luck through our work to constantly discover new places, new people, new customs. We like travel too, we love new destinations and we are always ready for new adventures. Each photo shoot, any video is a new experience, each couple is a new challenge. Each photographic result with its own peculiarity, its own character. Wedding photos and videos from wedding destinations from the untamed Crete to the imposing Macedonia, but also to the separate Greek islands!


1304, 2014

Ancient Olympia & the retro cars, the wedding shooting and the location in Kaiafas springs

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In ancient Olympia, quite far from our headquarters we were to photograph the wedding of Helen and Taki. If had something like the image feature this marriage, it would definitely retro cars that accompanied us. Perhaps this influenced the retro mood of the photos on the performance of marriage.

2201, 2014

wedding photography in Mykonos island

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Mykonos obviously needs no introduction, probably from the most famous islands in the world. So... in Mykonos for photographing the mariagge of Anthony and Mary and the christening of little Elias. The ideal time, the island had at our disposal, entering from the day we arrived on the wedding mood, with a drink the night before. The next day at the children's home there was the usual wedding panic, Elias one of the most easy-going and smiling kids I've ever met had not woken up yet but their friends did not intend to stay quiet for long ...

1201, 2014

Plastira’s lake,wedding teaser trailer

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Plastira's Lake huts of Fylaktis. From the fantastic wedding two imaginary guys, Thomas and Mary. Now the clip of their wedding. A big party. Fans undaunted keep the fun until the morning. The patrons of the hotel, seeing that there was no hope to sleep at night, they came down and have fun with us and the next day in the morning they all gather debris us ....

2012, 2013

destination Kastoria – Nymfeo, Spyros & Ria wedding in Greece

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I find it a bit difficult to describe this wedding , I have enough time to think about how I can connect everything that happened ... The photographic evidence must be " tie " is Macedonia , Kastoria , the Nymphaeum , a traditional Cretan wedding held away from Crete , Italians friends ... and much more! .

1806, 2013

Harley & rock’n’roll. Paris & Christina, an artistic wedding photo shooting

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Maybe you are the best pictures from the wedding of Paris and Christina in Katerini , but perhaps not, since this time really struggled to pick out some photos for this post and not to put them all ... ... their marriage gave us so much material , moreover, became so much and I do not know if briefly manage to convey the story below. Their marriage took place ... in the entire prefecture of Pieria . There were many elements that had to be " tied " to exit the post.

711, 2012

Plastira’s lake, Tom + Maria’s marriage

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Our destination this time the lake Plastira in huts Fylaktis for a loving couple full of humor and positive energy. With Thomas and Maria met long ago on the occasion of their wedding. Although the distance that separates us is great we were several times before the wedding occasion shooting video Invitational, which several of his friends would have seen.

612, 2011

wedding photoshooting in Paros Island, St.Fokas

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Maybe sometimes clientelism and the assumption of coverage of a single wedding overcome and maybe the photographer to become what familiar face from a single photographer. The occasion of this deferred post was a school for another marriage of Mary.
2809, 2011

destination Leykada, Nydri. wedding photoshooting

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Are some people to win over the most simple way. A smile. So we met Vaso, Dimitri and their young. With a smile ... Our destination this time Lefkada, which is not unjustly declared the island of poets. Inspiring ... Dimitris and Vaso choose Lefkada for their wedding, a wedding away from the place of residence is anyway difficult to organize the more so when "help" and a baby a few months. Making right choices but there exists a remarkable effect on the whole.

2509, 2011

destination wedding, Katerini, mediterranean resort

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In Katerini, with the best combination of Olympus and the sea we were to shoot the wedding of John and Joanna. The process of photographing classic began with the preparation of the bride and groom. At the home of John that his friends came close to empty the pool by diving & Ioanna's home, hanging out with her friends. The ceremony was held in a chapel on the slopes of Mt. Olympus the mountain with incredible energy ... and coolness.


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